Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Eats August 8 thru August 14


Veggies: 4
Fruits: 5
Workout: 55 minute pilates chair and 60 minute dance trance class

Veggies: 2
Fruits: 4
Workout: 45 minute outside walk

Veggies: 4
Fruits: 3
Workout: 40 minute advanced mat and 55 minute jumpboard class
Girls night out at Dodiyos (still trying to master not overeating when in a large group or out to dinner!)

Woke up sick... think that I had some food poisoning... today was a minimal eats day with mostly an intake of bland carbs :)



4 mile, 60 minute walk outside at the beach!!!!

Travel day back from beach...
Fruits: 2
Veggies: 2


  1. Love how you post your workout routine AND your F&V intake..very cool!
    I post my book favs too..don't you learn so much from them?

    Keep up the good work Kelly!

  2. By posting the fruits/veggies it really helps me to see exactly how many servings I get because I often think that I eat a lot more than I do!
    Thanks for the motivation

  3. I hope you're feeling better, Kel!!