Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28 - September 4 Weekly Eats

I'm back and trying to get on a schedule! In the past week I have gone to Atlanta for a Pilates Workshop, then to visit my friend Sara in Columbia, SC and then to Santa Rosa Beach, FL for a fun weekend with friends! WHEW.... after all this have a fun Labor Day Weekend planned in NAPA! It is so hard to eat well and chart all of my foods when traveling and this is something that I need to get better at. I also find it hard to drive 5+ hours and find time to unpack and workout. So my workouts have been kind of bad lately. Anyways, hopefully this week will be better and I can keep myself accountable on this next vacation

Travel day back from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Fruits: 0
Veggies: 2
Workout: 40 minute walk outside and wow it was a beautiful fall-ish feeling evening :)

Fruits: 0
Workout: 40 minute walk outside with Tucher and 55 minute core barre class taught by angel

Fruits: 1
Veggies: 2
Workout: 55 minute walk outside

Fruits: 2
Veggies: 4
Workout: 55 minute outside walk with Ryan and 55 minute advanced reformer

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