Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Reads

I found these two articles while wasting time on the good old World Wide Web and wanted to share them with you.....

Rice and Pasta are so 2009.... First of all, I have been exploring with tons of new grains lately and farro and quinoa happen to be on the top of my favorites list. If you haven't tried them yet, maybe this article will give you that extra push to add them to your meals. The farro with mushroom and dill looks amazing....

One thing that aggravates me is how influential celebrities are. Jennifer Anniston has Smart Water on set, Madonna has coconut water drinks at an after party, Dora the Explored is printed on kid's yogurts.... the list can go on and on. Basically, a lot of health fads start in Hollywood with lots of marketing money to influence us on what we "think" we need. All this being said, Coconut Water has been all the rage lately and when I saw this article I had to pass it on. As a dietitian I do believe the coconut water can be a way to rehydrate, but not if the electrolytes are mis-labeled. This goes back to the fact that we have to be aware buyers and not always trust what the celebrities are doing to be "healthy". I still believe in Gatorade (possibly because University of Florida came up with this amazing idea and anything with "gator" in it makes me happy to be a Florida Gator!!!!)

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