Monday, November 29, 2010

Around the House

We are FINALLY back home. Being gone for 5 days is a long time, especially without an internet where I can follow all the blogs that I love! Now on the to-do list is Christmas Decorating. I can't wait to get our tree, put up lights, and get all things Christmas. My Christmas list is also growing, lots of things that I want/need...

We had a great Thanksgiving meal and saw all of Ryan's family. We also made a trip to the IRON BOWL. Ryan was so happy that Auburn won (and of course I was cheering loud for them). Wish we were heading to the SEC championship, that is always my favorite game of the year and Florida has spoiled me in their appearance there, not this year though :(

Since I haven't cooked that much in the last few days, here are some other things that have been going on... I have taken up knitting again and love it!

Here is one present that I made (for my Niece, Ella):

And here is my first completed knitted scarf:

Ryan LOVES peppers so he decided to collect our huge harvest and turn them into canned pickled peppers! It was so great having him in the kitchen with me. Can't wait to give them a try.

Nothing was on the menu tonight, we didn't get home until around 4. I just ate a big old sweet potato and a side salad. I was craving VEGETABLES. When you start eating like 3-6 veggies a day and then you go without them for almost 5 days, you realize how much energy they give you and how much better they make you feel.... plus how easy it is to gain weight not eating right.... (thank you Thanksgiving meal!)

I will post some recipes this week, so be on the edge of your seats!

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