Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goal Setting

I am not one to write down goals, which is likely why I feel like I have all of these goals that I want to accomplish but they seem to never get "checked off". I am amazing at procrastination, looking back over my college study habits I think that I can honestly say that procrastination was my key to success! However, I am finding that without a deadline (like I had say back in college) things just keep adding up. Therefore, inspired by Fitting Back In I am going to write down weekly goals and some monthly goals (monthly goals are a stretch so I am not even going to do a yearly one!) and see how this works for me.

Weekly Goals:
1. Make lunch for Ryan and I Monday thru Friday (this helps save on $ and prevents unplanned high caloric intake out at restaurants)
2. Post a meal plan for all of our meals for Monday thru Friday (will tackle weekends later!)
3. In efforts to analyze and identify my food "culprits" I am going to write down EVERY SINGLE THING I eat (this is going to be hard but it will help identify what my diet is lacking or exceeding)
4. Work Out: I love working out, it makes my day so much better. Instead of just saying I am going to work out five days, I am going to make a plan. While I know that plans can change I am at least going to have a temporary one set out.
5. Blog Daily (Monday thru Friday)! OH MY GOSH this is going to be so hard and time consuming but I love blogging and this should help to keep me accountable. I have so many recipes that I have made lately that haven't gotten posted on here so this should help to get them out to you!

Monthly Goal: To have accomplished at least 3 of the 5 above for one month (PRESSURE IS ON)

and FINALLY, have fun and thanks to you guys for reading this boring subject matter!

I accept any other ideas on Goal Setting... if you google goal setting it is a little insane how much information is out there on what is the best way or the worse way....

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