Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Eats July 25-31

B: Nonfat yogurt with blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries and granola, with coffee (1/2 and 1/2 and agave nectar)
L: Grilled Shrimp salad (little bit of mayo with grilled shrimp and fresh dill with splash of white wine vinegar) served on 2 slices of rye bread
S: Iced coffee with no sugar from Starbucks and skim milk
S: cantalope form Jennjo! It was amazing cantalope. also had 1 square of chocolate graham cracker
D: 1 small whole wheat tortilla with cabot reduced fat jalapeno cheese and fresh tomatoes with side of salsa and 1 tbs sour cream (ate at 8:30 because that is what time I get home from work....)

Fruits: 3 Veggies: 0 BAD
Workout: 60 minute advanced mat taught by sharon (*it's tuesday am and I am dying in my abdominal and deep 6 muscles!) question is why I don't do mat more frequently!

B: Coffee with agave and 1/2 and 1/2, yogurt with berries and granola
L: 1/4 cup cajun chicken pasta, greek salad with cucumber, tomato, olives, roasted peppers, feta, and homemade greek dressing. Side of homemade hummus and small slice of rye bread
D: Kate's Salad (Rojo) which includes arugula and spinach, guacamole, black bean and corn salsa and cilantro vinaigrette
S: 5 sips of bud light and honey graham crackers with fig goat cheese

Fruits: 2 Veggies: 3 at least
Workout: walk 60 minutes outside with tucher

B: Normal yogurt with berries and granola, coffee with agave and creamer
S: 1 large and JUICY chilton county Peach!
L: 1 sour cream and chicken enchillada (homemade)
S: blackberries and honey graham sticks (6) dipped in fig goat cheese
D: Greek Salad with hummus and rye bread

Workout: 45 minute walk
Fruits: 3 Veggies: 2

B: Normal yogurt with berries and granola and coffee
L: Chris Z's with Holly and Hampton! Wheat bread with turkey and swiss with lettuce and tomato and 20 small shoestring french fries, side of chris z sauce (not sure what it is but it is good)
D: 1 regular size slice homemade pizza at Mandi's, 1 slice rye bread with coconut butter, 5 bites of cajun pasta, couple of bites of granola.

Workout: 40 minute walk outside with tucher who decided halfway thru the walk that he was over it and just laid down in a neighbor's yard!
F: 2 Veggies: 1

Friday: Travel to New Orleans for Bachelorette Party!
B: Starbucks cinnamon and raison bagel with 1/2 tbs cream cheese
S: mimosas when all the girls arrived!
L: Pat O'Brien's Hurricane then side of red beans and rice and veggie sandwich
D: Felix's Restaurant in New Orleans - Grilled shrimp Po Boy without the bread, 1 package of saltine crackers, small ceasar salad, sauteed squash
S: 1 bud light

Fruits: 0 Veggies: 3 (pretty darn good for vacation!)
no exercise besides walking around the french quarter

B: Cafe Du Monde - 2 beignets (dusted off as much of the powdered sugar that I could) with coffee au lait (love their chickory coffee - the best!)
S: Meltdown for the most amazing popsicle ever.... pineapple basil
L: Sake Cafe sushi.... we ordered an assortment of rolls and shared them all. Best sushi! We also had appetizer of edamame
D: 1 slice cheese pizza, and 1 piece of hotel chocolate (from turn-down service!)
Drinks: 4 bud lights

Fruits: 1 Veggies: 1
Workout: LOTS of walking around the French Quarter and Magazine Street

B: Another cinnamon and raisin bagel (at airport again) and large coffee with 2 sugars added
L: Ross Bridge Clubhouse - Salmon and Brie salad with pears and a lavender vinaigrette. Also had about 10 sweet potato fries off of Ryan's plate :) these make me very happy!
S: 2 small chocolate chip cookies left at my house.... this is why I don't buy sweets!
D: Morningstar Farms black bean burger on rye bread with 1 ounce of melted cheese
and a couple of honey graham sticks in fig goat cheese

Fruits: 1 Veggies: 2
Workout: Lots of cleaning for the Real Estate Open House :)

Overall this week was ok.... I had 12 servings of veggies when I am aiming for 22
Fruits were good and pretty much on target (my breakfast is helping with those)
Workouts were good considering it was such a busy work week and I left early am on Friday for New Orleans.... Still need to curb the snacking a bit though

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