Workout Section

The pilates method increases your strength, tones your body, decompresses your spine, improves flexibility and range of motion, boosts circulation, and most importantly stimulates your mind.  This has helped me heal my shoulder pain, low back pain, and tone my body like no other exercise.  The mind, body, and spirit connection has taught me so much about the movement and alignment of my body.  I teach at Pilates on Highland and love it!!!  Try it out if you are in this area and if not, look up a Classical Studio in your area (note - classical pilates is very different than gym pilates)

Dance Trance:
A new obsession of mine!  This class is a "throw down"!  It is basically a dance class with all the new popular music turned way up!  They teach you the dance and then you rock it with the lights out and a disco ball.  So much fun and a great calorie burner.  Check it out to see if there is one in your area.  The local one in Birmingham is Rock Your Body Studio.

Tucher and I love going on long walks.  There is nothing compared to fresh air.  Being outdoors also incorporates hills, mountain, etc which can continue to challenge you.  Always walk with good alignment.

Lap swimming is a wonderful exercise.  Great for your joints, cardiovascular conditioning, and strengthening.

A new exercise that I have taken up lately.  I have been working with Valerie who teaches Ashtanga yoga.  I have only done ashtanga several times but I love the way it makes my body feel.  One day I am going to work up braveness to try Bikram Yoga.