On this page I will discuss books that I have read pertaining to diet.  It will express my feelings about the diet as well as pros and cons.  I will also post reviews of my favorite recipe books.  And finally, I will share my favorite leisurely reads!

Diet Books:


  • Ina Garten - How Easy is That
    • This cookbook is a Must Have!  I have only owned it for a few months and have made multiple recipes from it that are amazing and simple. 
  • Terry Walters - Clean Food
    • Many vegetable recipes.  Focuses on fresh, seasonal food.  
  • Alice Waters - The Art of Simple Food

Leisure Reads:

  • The Hunger Games
    • I loved this whole series (trilogy).  I read them in 4 days and was hooked from the beginning.  The description may sound awful, but trust me that these are amazing... 4.5 Stars
  • The Paris Wife
    • amazing story of Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley.  I enjoyed the view of this book, although fiction it felt like there were so many truths and tie-ins to their actual life that I was often asking myself if the story was true or false!  5 Stars