Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Let's thank Oprah for 25 years of helping us justify being completely insane about our weight fluctuations

Weight has always been a struggle for me.  I want that perfect body with no imperfections that media and culture has pounded into our minds.  I know that at almost 30, my metabolism is getting slower, my free time is getting less, so finding the right mix of food and exercise is challenging.

Here is a brief history:  I weighed almost 160 pounds when I graduated from high school.  I always felt comfortable in myself, played tons of sports, cheered, and had amazing friends.  Then, when it came to going to college, I started to cook on my own and figure out what was healthy vs eating banana splits daily!  My exercise changed as well, from scheduled sports to un-scheduled gym time.  I learned to like different types of exercise, joined weight watchers, and became obsessed with nutrition.  Hence, in my 3rd year of college after changing from chemistry, to pharmacy, to education, to business, and then finally to a nutrition major, I knew that I wanted to continue with my nutrition education.  It was right for me.  (And 8 years of education later, I know have a master of science in nutrition and am also a registered dietitian.  Guess you can say that I stuck to this nutrition education decision!)  I lost 27 lbs at this time in my life, and felt wonderful.  I loved all the new clothes and how they looked, I was finally able to dress "in style" instead of in "fat" clothes.  I never thought of my clothes before as being fat clothes until I started shopping at abercrombie, express, and other teen style clothing stores!  As 8 years have passed since this weight loss, I have become less compliant with my diet.  I know what to eat, but sometimes choosing that is not what I want to do... and I am hard headed.  ETOH has also been a part of the weight gain in these years, as we celebrated engagements, weddings, and the fun times of your 20s!  The weight has accumulated, slowly but surely.  Instead of wearing size 2 and 4, and now wearing 6 and 8.  And some of those are not comfortable, and I am a big comfort person...  I don't believe in being a number, but really believe in how you feel in your body.  I think that if you strive to be a size 0, you will never be satisfied with your body or yourself, which is the most important.

Weighing every week can help you keep awareness of trends that you experience with your weight.
On this page I will share my weight with you, not for your judgement but to give myself accountability and set goals that I can attain.  I am bad at setting realistic goals, because I just want to jump from A to Z by tomorrow morning.  However, by setting small reasonable goals that can be celebrated maybe I can attain them easier...  trying to talk myself into this idea if you can't tell!

So, as I take on the challenge of getting to my "goal weight" of what I feel comfortable at, not just a number, I am going to post my weight loss.  I think that at some point you have to start off with an ideal weight, so mine would be 132 lbs.  When I weighed this, I was strong and felt wonderful with my body. If I get to 135 and feel this way, then that is my ideal weight, if I get to 130 and feel great, then that is where I will stay.  So, for the sake of just having some "goal" to work towards, instead of saying that I only want to weigh 132, we will call this my "goal" weight.  For smaller goals, I am going to do a 5%, 8%, and 10% weight loss goal.  These will help keep me on track and now that I am moving in the right direction, as if the mental and physical aspects won't already be doing enough!

My diet will be based on tracking the foods that I eat.  I am a firm believer in weight watchers.  I have talked about them before, but the accountability is what I need.  I don't eat processed food, so I don't buy their products, but I do buy into their science behind the diet.  You can choose a fad diet, but in the end, food is food.  It is for energy.  Some is better for you, some is worse for you.  I don't believe that we should say, I am never going to eat "_____" again.  That's not realistic unless it is demanded for medical reasons.  I hear about a new diets all the time, I read about new diets all the time, I cook new foods all the time.  I love seeing what this new author is promoting, but in the end, we all gotta eat.  Dieting is very personal for lots of people, just like the food choices we choose.  With this being said, I eat a mostly organic diet, try to incorporate tons of veggies and fruits, whole grains, fish several times a week, easy on the red meats and sweets.  That sums is up mostly.

3-1:    149.8 (starting weight)
3-8:    148.0 (week 2)
3-15:  147.2 (week 3)
3-22:  145.4 (week 4)
3-29:  146.6 (week 5)
4-5:    146.8 (week 6)
4-12:  144.6 (week 7)
4-19:  142.6 (week 8)
4-26:  142.4 (week 9)
5-3:    143.4 (week 10)
5-10:  143.0 (week 11)
5-18:  142.8 (week 12)  Note: week 13 I forgot to record, week 14 I was at beach for the week....
6-07:  143.2 (week 15)
6-14:  144.2 (week 16)
6-21:  144.8 (week 17)
LONG BREAK of not doing daily weigh ins
4-3-12:  144.6