Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Beautiful Roses, Arranged by Ryan Himself!
The Grub: Filet Mignon, Asparagus, and a Twice Baked Potato
Toasting to many more awesome Valentine's Together

I know that Valentine's day was yesterday but I thought that I would share how we celebrated! Ryan did an excellent job, taking over the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning! It was great and he surprised me with gorgeous 2 dozen red roses. He was the grill master, all of the food was cooked on the grill and it was amazing. Plus an excellent bottle of Cakebread Syrah to complete the meal (I got to pick the wine)!

Hope that you had an excellent Valentine's Day. I really enjoy the low key celebration ideas for this holiday, and ours was just that. Tucher of course got to "woof" down the leftovers, so he was a happy puppy!

Lots of stuff on the agenda this week, starting with a crown at the dentist this am:( Finishing off the week with a baby shower for Holly and working at POH this weekend. Plus, I need to share some great ideas from Lindsay's baby shower from last weekend. So, check back for lots of blog entries this week. Oh and the recipe for the broccoli/spinach/roasted red pepper pizza that is baking in our oven right now will definitely perk your attention!

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