Monday, March 8, 2010

Weight Watching

The winter months have added a few pounds to my waist line it seems, people sometimes say that it happens during your first year as a newly wed, but I refuse to agree with that. Although I work out at least 5 days a week, and pretty intense, I feel like I need something to be accountable for. I weigh daily and record my weight on Spark People. It is a great website, where you can log food and track your progress. I did this for a while (a year and a half) with no real change in my weight... Why not? Well, I have come to the conclusion that I have no accountability.

I have studied nutrition for over 7 years... one would think I know how to eat. Well, one thing is for sure, I know that I can tell others how to eat! (MOM, BRO, RYAN!). I think that I have come to a point where I know too much about nutrition and sustainable/filling foods and now I need to tackle the mental part, which is arguably the most difficult cause they don't teach you that in school!

Therefore, I have decided to go to weight watchers to have that accountability and group support that I know will help me. Back when I was a senior in high school, I lost 35 lbs doing weight watchers, so I know that it is possible. There is just something about knowing that you have to let SOMEONE ELSE look at your weight weekly. I have a goal to lose 10 lbs and nothing more. Now, whether or not I agree with weight watchers completely, that is a different post that I am sure will develop at some point, but I do agree with having accountability and being in a group setting.

Just giving you an update on what is going on... I will be posting some recipes later and keeping everyone posted on a weekly schedule of my weight loss!

Is anyone else trying to lose some weight? What are your thoughts and how are you doing it? How do you stay accountable and not let those lbs slip back on without noticing?

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  1. Me! I am trying to lose ten pounds and get back to my non-swim team high school weight (ie, the weight I was during the normal part of the year, not the weight when i was doing 2-hour swim practices each day).

    i used to do the "jeans" diet - ie, start eating less when your jeans don't fit, but they have been tight for a while now so i have to be better at it!!