Monday, February 22, 2010

What an inspiration weekend!

Susan and Steve invited us and some others over for a dinner at their house. Knowing that it would be a late evening, I took a LONG nap before heading over to their home at 8:30. Good thing since we got home way past 3 am! Well, I was truly inspired! Steve is an amazing cook, I would use the term chef, but I think that you have to go to school to be called that! Anyways, we started off with this amazing dip... scallops, shrimp, tilapia, with mango and peppers, etc.... delicious. Then some chipotle sausage with a wide variety of sauces to dip it in. Well, after this and being full, we had a spinach salad with blackberries and raspberries and a mango poppy seed dressing. On top of the salad was bacon wrapped scallops and seared tuna steaks! WOW! This could have been the entree, but instead we had chipotle raspberry sauteed chicken breasts with asparagus (think these were marinated in italian dressing?) all plated beautifully over shoepeg corn with peppers and seasonings. It was simple delicious.
Of course, their wine collection would make any one's mouth water! I dream of having a wine stash like that!

This meal was an inspiration because of the presentation. When I plate dinners, it just simply doesn't look like this! I must work on the aesthetic appeal. It was also an inspiration because of how well everything complemented the mix of flavors. I hope to be this creative in the kitchen one day... I just LOVE following recipes versus creating on my own and experimenting. Steve reminded me a lot of my brother... he can just throw stuff together and also has a wonderful presentation. The only difference between the two... John simply never makes the same thing twice, so there is never a recipe! He just creates and then the next time it is somewhat the same but also different!

I will be posting some recipes this week, so make sure to try them out!

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