Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

It is amazing what a weekend at home can do... I feel caught up on cleaning, laundry, meals, lunch with a best friend, went to Church, and I got to watch a FULL day of football on Saturday along with a fun tailgating party!

Here is our Meal Plan for this week:

Monday lunch: Corn, Shrimp, and Crab Chowder
Monday dinner: Thai Tilapia with brown rice

Tuesday lunch: Black beans and brown rice (kelly) and SW chicken and rice (ryan)
Tuesday dinner: out to dinner (kelly), leftover chowder for Ryan

Wednesday lunch: Salads with toppings (chicken for ryan and beans/avocado for me)
Wednesday dinner: Vegetable soup :)

Thursday lunch: leftover veggie soup
Thursday dinner: King Salmon with daddy sam's salmon glaze, broccolini, and brown rice

Friday = Florida!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday = TAILGATING at the SWAMP

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