Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pioneer Woman is my idol

One of my favorite blogs to read, and one of my first blogs that I ever followed was the Pioneer Woman. I love all of her recipes that I have tried, one of them being Penne a la Betsy. Her Cinnamon Rolls are amazing. These are just two of the many things that I love to make.

A little while ago she came to Atlanta. I was not able to go but my neighbor, Mandi went and got a book signed for the Pearce's Kitchen! This cookbook is a great resource in our kitchen and a great one to add to your own collection.

Note that this cookbook is not "healthy". I could never cook out of this on a daily basis or I would weight 10,000 pounds. It is my go to recipe book for "special occasion dinners" and entertaining feasts.

Pioneer Woman also has great information on Photography. I have used many of her tips while learning how to use my camera. Be sure to follow her blog and try to win one of her many give-aways also!

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  1. That's AWESOME! So sweet of her to get that signed for you - and smart of you to have them sign it to Pearce's Kitchen - adorable.