Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Easter is such an important celebration in our family. Not only do we have the traditional rack of lamb with dyed eggs, but we celebrate the greatness of this special day. Our Church this year will definitely awaken the spirit and we can be thankful that there is a purpose in our lives. Thankful for family and friends and prayerful for health.

Mom is here, along with Jaxon and Coby (Australian Shepherds). Needless to say, 3 aussies in one house is a lot of fun! However, we only have 2 frisbees.... Lots of shopping and good eating are in order for this weekend. Last night we visited Ocean Restaurant. Mom's favorite and definitely delicious. Assorted fish like Corvina, Halibut, and Scallops were enjoyed. If you are in Birmingham, definitely try this restaurant out soon!

Happy Easter from My Sweet Boy!

I thought that I would share with you my "tablescape" for Easter. I made the little bunnies that were cut out and decorated the rest of the table with collected decorations. They were for Holly's shower and after trying to remember to take them to her house, I finally just used them here (why can I procrastinate so much!).

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  1. Your Easter tablescape is beautiful! I love the bunnies - so cute and creative! Great picture of your little mister too - and I love Ocean! I hope you have a great Easter and a wonderful time at church.