Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salmon and allergies

The blooms are beginning to pop out and that means allergies. I believe that a lot of allergies can be reduced by what we put in our bodies. Going back to fueling up a car with good gas versus just another fluid. You wouldn't put coke in your gas tank.... so why not put good food into your own body... get the flow? I wrote this article for our Pilates On Highland Newsletter so I thought I would share it with the HUGE fan base that I have on this blog... *insert sarcasm*

Help for Allergy Season --
Kelly's Kitchen

POH Instructor and Nutritionist: Kelly Pearce

Spring is coming which means allergy season is about to be in full bloom. Eating certain foods can help reduce the symptoms that are associated with allergies. Research shows that the benefits of fresh organic produce, fish, and nuts can help alleviate allergy issues. Consuming fish high in omega-3 fat such as salmon, tuna, or sardines are some of the best sources. White and green tea also offers a big flavonoid boost, which supports general immune function. Another recommendation to provide an additional reduction in allergy symptoms is to consume local honey in small amounts, just 1/4 teaspoon daily is all you need. Try one or all of these remedies and enjoy the fresh air that spring can offer!

Here is the Recipe that I shared that incorporates the salmon with local honey. It is a delicious recipe and I have made it several times. Tucher always enjoys the leftovers. I serve it alongside a brown rice pilaf or couscous.

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