Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photography - nothing to do with food today!

My friend Anna and I have been taking a photography class at Samford After Sundown here in the bham. The class is covering how to use a Nikon SLR camera and it is INTENSE. After our 4th class I now understand why people go to photography school! It is a lot of fun because I think that if you have a nice camera you better learn how to use it or why even have it? After a year of owning our camera, I am sick of shooting in "auto" mode. So, now that I know what the buttons on my camera mean, I went out today and did some "exploring"

Tucher, frisbee, and hummingbird feeder, were my "subjects". Take a look... Hopefully I keep getting better... some of these were even shot in full manual! WOW!

Tucher in Action...

Love getting action shots... the frisbee has no chance (maybe the Gator receivers should take tips from Tucher...)

He is such a handsome subject!

The hummingbird feeder... although I think that our hummingbirds are migrating south... I will miss them while they are gone :(

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  1. Cutie cute! Great pics, Kelly - glad you're enjoying your class! All I remember from photo journalism is the rule of thirds - heart it!